Since we all have a love for food, we want to share some of our favorite, special, and nostalgic recipes with you!

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Ramen Salad

This is hands down my favorite “salad” to take to summertime gatherings. It’s fresh, it’s easy, and guys it’s BOMB! I stumbled across a similar recipe on Pinterest and wanted to create something of my own. The traditional ramen salad has mandarin oranges, green onions, almonds, and cabbage slaw. I tweaked it by adding mango, instead of the mandarin oranges (since they don’t keep their shape when stirred). I also added avocado, just because it’s one of my favorite fruits

The World’s Best Guacamole

It’s almost Memorial Day & you need to take a dip to your family cookout. Look no further, I got your back! The truth is. I think you’re weird if you don’t like guacamole. I mean it’s an essential part of life that I take pretty seriously. All jokes aside, if you’re a guac fan you’re going to love this recipe. It’s easy, it’s fresh, it’s delicious. I can’t take credit for this one. I searched and searched until I

THE Best Sugar Cookies

It took me way too long to find a Sugar Cookie recipe that I am absolutely in love with. These cookies are buttery, soft & fluffy, with the perfect amount of sweetness. They don’t need to hide behind any frosting, but frosting lovers unite! I load these babies up with frosting (but you don’t have to if that’s not your jam). Every single Sugar Cookie recipe that I tested before came out dry, more like biscuits than cookies. This was

Cinnamon Jello

Cinnamon jello is the perfect combination of lemon jello, applesauce and cinnamon imperials. It’s a great addition to your Holiday feast. This blog post goes out to my Grandma Duncan. Every time I think of cinnamon jelllo, I think of her. I love to eat, so several of my favorite childhood memories consist of food! Cinnamon jello was front and center at every family gathering. I can in no way take credit for this recipe (it’s actually my Great Grandma