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Be Active, Not Skinny

Alright guys, I know it has been a while since I have been on here. I apologize for that. I started school back up in January 2021 and have been really going non-stop ever since between class work, clinical hours, and implementing my DNP scholarly project (the big project I have to complete before I graduate). On top of all of that, I have been trying to maintain healthy and happy relationships with my family members and friends while trying

Audriana, Kaitlyn & Allyson’s Experience with the COVID Vaccination

We want to preface; we are in no way trying to convince anyone to receive the vaccination. Rather just sharing our experiences with it. Kaitlyn is a nurse and Allyson & Audriana work in the field of Early Childhood Education. All three were able to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Kaitlyn in Phase 1a & Allyson and Audriana in Phase 1b. To be honest, it was a hard decision to come by for all three of them. Kaitlyn received a lot

Working Through Mental Health Setbacks During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This image is courtesy of Temple University Active Minds Preface: Mental health is really hard to understand. That is, until it stumbles upon you or a loved one. Please don’t be afraid to read this post. You never know who may be struggling internally in your life. As I sit here in my bedroom at 9:45pm on a Saturday night (which isn’t uncommon for me in case you were wondering) I’m thinking to myself “Why are you even writing this