Get to Know Us

Meet Adrienne

Adrienne is our fashion and style guru. Everything she touches turns to gorgeous. She is ditching the corporate world for the stay-at- home mom life. Adrienne is a mom of a two & a wife of a welder, who works crazy hours. It’s safe to say you’ll get the “real, real” with her.

Random Fact about Adrienne- If she had to sing a song at Karaoke night she’d pick “One Reason” by Tracy Chapman.

Meet Allyson

Allyson is our baking and home decor junkie. She is a mom of three and a hunter’s wife. She is very vulnerable in sharing her journey with anxiety and depression. Honest, loyal, and beautiful to her core. You will LOVE getting to know her!

Random Fact about Allyson- If she could eat only one food for the rest of her life it would be Biscuits and Gravy.

Meet Audriana

Audriana is introverted & quiet, but bold. She’s married to the King of Dad jokes & is a mom to two of the most hilarious kiddos. Other than her family, Starbucks and Diet Coke are the truest loves of her life. She is the one who is always there the second that you need her & is the mediator & peacemaker between all of us.

Random Fact about Audriana- If she could have dinner with anyone in the world she would pick Tom Hanks.

Meet Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is our medical guide and fitness & nutrition expert. She is full of real life advice! Whether it be about health, nursing, or studying… this girl has your back. Kaitlyn is a wife and a momma to 2 dogs.  She works full time as a nurse and is currently finishing up her Doctorate in Nursing.

Fun Fact about Kaitlyn- She is obsessed with the Grinch!