Where? What? Why?

Hi guys! I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to and why I haven’t been present. Life has certainly taken my family & I in several wild directions lately. I’ll catch you up.

Dustin & I have officially sold our home! We started meeting with a realtor in March. We wanted to get the low down in the world of real estate before we moved forward with the process. If you’re not familiar, the market is insane right now. Interest rates are lower than ever. It most certainly is a seller’s market. Houses are going for 20-30 grand over asking, buyers are paying the difference in appraisals, waving inspections or paying the difference and realtors are receiving multiple offers on homes. Like I said, all great for sellers.  We received two offers on our home and sold it for asking price the first day it hit the market. We were floored. Excited. But floored.

Now dare I say we’re in panic mode. This market is insanely challenging for buyers. You have to be ready at the drop of a hat to go see a house the pops up in your price range. You have to be willing to make an offer that is appealing to the seller. The scary part is, you have to be ready to rent or find a place to live if you home closes and you haven’t purchased a home. So, this is where we are currently. Still looking for a place that fits our needs, our budget and hopefully one that we fall in love with. I will update you as we continue through the process.

In other news, our daughter started tutoring. When I was growing up, I needed a lot of extra help in school. So when we started to notice that Tinley was falling behind with reading and math we really wanted to support her in every single way possible. Covid hit and Tinley had half a year in Kindergarten. She literally got nothing at all out of remote learning. Honestly it wasn’t until she went back to school full time that she was getting anything out of the education process. Once she was back in school full time she started acting out, which is completely unlike her. Her self-esteem was plummeting. She would lie about knowing “everything” and would just scribble random answers to questions on her school work. She didn’t like to try hard because she felt like she didn’t know the answers, so why put in the work. She’d talk about hating school, etc. We met with her doctor and her teacher and came up with a plan. I hate to see a child (any child, but especially mine) have low self-esteem or self-doubt at such a young age. Watching it as a parent is heartbreaking. We go through enough of that kind of thing when we’re older. We are seeing improvements with her academics and her attitude. She’s been working so hard and we’re so proud of her!

Our oldest, Mason, started baseball. It’s a huge commitment. He’s on a travel team this year. They practice two times a week for two hours. When games start, they’ll play three a week. Several double headers. There are almost enough kiddos on the team to have two teams, so it’ll be really interesting to see how much the kids actually get to play at each game. My husband is obsessed with youth baseball, so he’s digging this (well maybe not so much the three games a week thing…eek). It is really nice to get him outside and active after this long winter. Mason is still mad I told him he was not doing basketball this year. Baseball is outside (and, again, is such a huge commitment!) so it seems safer to me than him being inside guarding another kid, masks on faces. Basketball is his favorite sport & we’ll get back to it (hopefully) next year.

Rhett is going strong with therapies. We now have 2 of the 3 therapies in person, which I appreciate so, so much! I also think he is getting so much more out of them then he was in front of a screen. It makes me so happy that he’s understanding so much. Language comprehension was much more important to me in the beginning than how many words he was using. Now that I know he is comprehending things so well, we’re really focusing on sounds, mimicking and adding vocabulary. We’re still working on invading his space and playing with other kiddos. He’s really improved. His attention span has increased. He’s learned to put his coat on (sometimes the wrong way, but hey…huge milestone!), he’s working really hard to put his shoes on. Some days are better than others, but we’re still moving forward.

A bit about what’s been up with me. I had emergency surgery to pull a wisdom tooth that was badly infected. Never put off dental work. That was the worst pain I have ever experienced…and I had 3 c sections. They ended up pulling all of my wisdom teeth. It wasn’t fun. I was so hangry throughout the process. I apologize for anyone who came across my path during that time hahaha. Kaitlyn and I have started watching Grey’s together every Thursday at her house. I feel like it finally has given me some “me time.” I haven’t been able to spend as much time in the kitchen baking since we’ve had to keep the house so clean, but I do plan to get in there more in the coming week! With spring finally being here I’m getting really excited to start working on the garden with my father-in-law! He gets so much fresh produce each year & I’d love to take you along on that journey. He is a gardening expert, so I’ll come back & do a post about any of your garden questions!

That’s it. That’s where I’ve been. I’m hoping that life slows down a bit and gives a little bit of grace here once summer starts. I hope you’ve all been well! I sure have missed you! What has everyone been up to?

xoxo, Allyson

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