What’s in a Name?

When I was in High School, we had to read the book Great Expectations. For some reason it’s the only book that I actually wanted to read…aka the only book I didn’t have to use Spark Notes for. The name Estella always floated in the back of my mind. “Maybe one day if I have a daughter, I’ll name her Estella.” I carried that name with me through all three of my pregnancies. Though, none of our children are named Estella.

Name trends are awesome and also exhausting. From one year to the next the tops names are rated. In 2011 when I had my first son the most popular name for a boy was Jacob, followed closely by Mason (which is my son’s name). Today the most popular is Liam. When I had my daughter in 2014 Emma & Olivia were the front runners for girl names. Today the most popular name for a baby girl is still Olivia. In 2018, when I was pregnant with out last son (though we didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl) the top boy’s name was Jackson and the top name for a girl was back to Emma.

Tinley Audriana, Rhett Anderson & Mason Timothy

Names like Claire, Emily, Thomas and Johnathan may seem like a thing of the past. However, working in child care I will tell you, we do still see them. Now that we’re in 2021, the trends have definitely changed. Parents are looking at powerful names that pack a punch. Superheros are maybe a little geeky, but who wouldn’t want name their kid after someone who is brave and honorable. It’s also pretty freaking awesome that superheros have crazy awesome super powers. Popular superhero inspired names include; Parker (after Peter Parker), Quinn (in regards to Harley Quinn), Logan (Wolverine), Oliver (Green Arrow), Wade (Deadpool) & Selina (Cat woman).

Namberry predicts we will also see a rise in “day names.” Yep, you heard it here. Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are creeping up on the charts. Millennials and Gen Z’s alike are digging cottagecore names like; Fawn, Clover, Bear, Jane, Flora, Silas, Wilder and Maisie. Teen pop star Billie Eilish’s name is also impacting popular names like; Jessie, Josie, Pirate, Sunny, Teddy, Frankie and Stevie.

In 2021, we are likely saying goodbye to names like; Cora, Cove, Coraline, Corey and Corinne. This is because of the close comparison to the dreadful COVID/Coronavirus.

I wonder how many little ladies will be named Kamala by the end of the year?

Would you have named your child after a superhero? How about a character from your favorite Netflix show? What name trends do you love? Do you have a name planned for your future child? How did you pick your child’s name? We’d love to hear all about your name selections!

xoxo, Allyson

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