An Interview with my 4 Year Old

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? To just live in your imagination and not have a clue what the “real world” was like? I didn’t have the best childhood. Not because my parents didn’t give me the best childhood. In fact, we were pretty fortunate kids. We were loved. We were safe. We had what we needed, and sometimes even got what we wanted. But almost all of my childhood memories consist of being made fun of for not being smart enough or being made fun of for being too fat. Do you ever wonder what it is like to walk into a room and feel like everyone is talking about you? That is what I felt like during my childhood every single day. Looking back, there were probably only 2-3 kids talking about/making fun of me. But it felt like SO much more. Honestly, those are the things that I remember most. I try not to think of my childhood because that’s what I remember… the bad things. But now, so many years later, I see childhood through my kids’ eyes and it is the best feeling ever! While I wouldn’t want to go back to my childhood, when my kids are my age, I hope they have so many great memories and stories that make them want to relive their childhood!

Here is an interview I recently did (over the span of many days) with my four-year-old, Clayton. I hope his answers remind you of how special your childhood was. Or if you are like me and prefer not to relive your childhood, I hope this helps you experience the innocence and imagination that children have.

(Keep in mind, Clayton is the world’s most sarcastic kid. So, try to read his responses with a funny/sarcastic tone 😉)

  1.  What’s the best thing about being a kid?
    • Playing with Animals & Legos
  2. What advice would you give mommy and daddy?
    • Umm…. Rice? And you should clean more. (He’s not wrong)
  3. Tell me about a funny time in your life.
    • When Miss Kelly and Miss Austyn threw cheese at me.
  4. What do you think you’re going to dream about tonight?
    • TT’s cookies
  5. If you had to give everyone in the family new names what would they be?
    • Collins- Owl Star, Mommy- Rooster, Daddy- Bob (Collins is Clayton’s 2 year old sister)
  6. If you could do anything right now what would you do?
    • Eat cookies
  7. What bugs you?
    • Collins.
  8. What character makes you laugh the most?
    • Ironman
  9. Would you rather eat a piece of cake or a cookie?
    • Cupcake
  10. Where would you go if you could fly?
    • Grandma’s house
  11. Who are you named after?
    • Uncle Joey
  12. What do you think Heaven is like?
    • Like in the movie Soul. Uncle Joey and Papa Jeff are in heaven.
  13. Who is your hero?
    • Superman
  14. What is something you don’t understand about grownups?
    • I don’t understand any grownups because they are super mean to me.
  15. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    • Astronaut
  16. What is your favorite football team?
    • Go Pack, Go!
  17. If you could ban one vegetable forever what would it be?
    • Celery- yuck!
  18. What is the ickiest food you’ve ever eaten?
    • The rolls at Scribbles
  19. If you were a hotdog and you were starving would you eat yourself?
    • Yeah! That’s funny!
  20. What would you do if I stole your candy?
    • Get new candy. My dad will buy it for me.
  21. If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
    • A dog
    • To go back to school (I asked him this question at home)
    • My mommy. Because I love you!
  22. If you had a lot of money, what would you buy?
    • Candy. I really love lollipops.
  23.  If you had to give all of your toys away, who would you give them to?
    • I would give my toys to Mason because he doesn’t have any toys.
  24. Who is the boss of you?
    • You, Mommy. Just kidding, my dad is the boss of me.
  25. Would you rather travel on a spaceship or a gigantic dragon?
    • A dragon that looks like my mom.
  26. What’s the weirdest thing you heard today?
    • The hotdog question
  27. How many kids are you going to have when you get older?
    • 15
  28.  Which character do you want to be?
    • Mr. Freeze because he’s cool 😉
  29. Who is your favorite cousin to play with?
    • Mason and Tinley
  30. Who is your favorite teacher?
    • Miss Austyn and Miss Lexi
  31. If you could dance all the time without getting tired, would you?
    • Yeah, but I always get sleepy after I dance.
  32. Can it rain orange juice?
    • No- hahahaha- it can only rain water!
  33. Where is heaven?
    • In the sky.
  34. Do you have a special stuffed animal that you like to take to bed with you?
    • My Husker monkey that comes to school with me & Marlin my stuffed giraffe that grandpa got me.
  35. Do you ever have nightmares?
    • Yes. Don’t you remember the last one I had? I fell down the stairs at grandma’s house and when I got down to the basement there was a monster. But my dad came downstairs and saved me.
  36.  What makes a good friend?
    • Hayden because I love him.
  37. What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?
    • What do you call a dog sitting on fire? A hot dog!
  38. What superpowers do you wish you had?
    • I want to shoot webs like Spider Man and Smash things like Hulk.
  39.  What do you enjoy doing with mommy? Daddy?
    • Mommy- Playing with her
    • Daddy- Beating him with my robots
  40. What is the worst thing that has ever happened in your life?
    • When Miss Kelly throws cheese at my face.
  41. Where do you think mommy would like to go today, if she could go anywhere in the world?
    • Target and Starbucks
  42. What is the hardest rule we have in our family?
    • Stop being bad
  43. When you grow up, what kind of vehicle would you like to drive?
    • Blue Superman car
  44. If you had to name 3 dogs, what would you name them?
    • Beach
    • Bingo
    • Rooster. Rooster is my favorite dog.
  45. What is the best thing about our family?
    • We watch movies
  46.  What is the best gift a kid could get on their birthday?
    • A giant bat mobile
  47. What are you really good at?
    • Getting cheeseburgers
  48. Would you rather be smart or incredibly funny? Why?
    • Funny because it’s fun and I really like making jokes!
  49. Would you rather be able to create webs like Spider-Man or have heat vision like Superman?
    • Heat vision like Superman
  50. Who made you smile today?
    • Miss Kelly because she gave me a hug!
  51. What is your biggest fear?
    • Monsters
  52. What is the best thing in your life?
    • Mommy
  53. If you could change anything about your family, what would you change?
    • We would have a dog!
  54. What foods do you love and why?
    • Cookies, broccoli, and meatballs because they are super delicious.
  55. What is your favorite drink?
    • Blue drink from the gas station
  56. What was one nice thing that you did for someone else today?
    • I was kindness helper. I gave my friends hugs.
  57. Who do you think is smarter, mommy or Alexa?
    • Alexa
  58. What is your favorite song?
    • Mama said Knock You Out
  59. Who is the meanest villain and why?
    • Solomon Grundy (Graham and I had to Google this… we had no idea who he was talking about)
  60. If the sky could rain food, what would you like for it to rain down?
    • Tacos
  61. What is your favorite book?
    • The Pout Pout Fish
  62. What is your favorite color?
    • Blue
  63. What is your favorite day of the week? Why?
    • Friday because it means stay home days are coming!
  64. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
    • That I like to eat bananas!
  65. If you could be any age what age would you be? Why?
    • 15% big because I want to be bigger!
  66. What was the best part of your day?
    • Miss Kelly threw foil at me
  67. Would you rather live in the city or on a farm?
    • City because we live in the city. Mommy, did you know we live in the twin cities?
  68. Would you rather stay up late or wake up early?
    • Stay up late
  69. What job would you never want to have?
    • Counting helper because I don’t like counting numbers!
  70.  Do you think it is more important to be rich or kind? Why?
    • Rich because I want a lot of money
  71.  What is the best smell in the world?
    • Rice
  72. What does food think when we eat it?
    • Food is scared of us when we eat it!
  73. If you could be any color, what color would you be?
    • Blue
  74. What would happen if you ate polka dots?
    • I would turn into a dot HAHAHA!!
  75. Who is your favorite person?
    • Mommy!
  76. What is your favorite shape? Why?
    • Oval because it is easy to draw!
  77. Would you rather have a magic carpet that flies or your own personal robot?
    • My own personal robot, duh mommy!
  78. Would you rather eat donuts or candy?
    • Donuts
  79. Would you rather only be able to wear your swimsuit for the rest of your life or only be able to wear pants and a winter coat?
    • Swimsuit because I like summer!
  80.  Would you rather eat pizza or ice cream for every meal?
    • Ice cream
  81. What are you excited to do when you grow up?
    • Go to Kindergarten
  82. What is something you would like to learn how to do?
    • I want to learn how to write my name in lowercase and uppercase letters. I only know uppercase.
  83. If your teacher had $500 to spend on the classroom, what do you think she would buy?
    • Weights so we can work out in our classroom.
  84. What is something that makes you angry?
    • When grandma feeds me bacon green beans!
  85. If you could keep only one thing, out of everything you have, what would it be?
    • My tablet
  86. If mom/dad had one million dollars, what would she/he do with the money?
    • Mom- A new pet 
    • Dad- Workout stuff. He needs to get skinnier
  87. What animal would make a great driver?
    • A huge elephant!
  88.  Pretend you’re a chef and tell me about your restaurant. What foods do you serve?
    • Pizza and milkshakes!
  89. What do you love the most about your sister?
    • I am nervous about this question because I don’t like anything about Collins.
  90. What is your favorite movie?
    • The Greatest Showman
  91. What is something that you want, but don’t want to ask for?
    • A car
  92. What is something mommy says all the time? Daddy?
    • Mommy- I love you       
    • Daddy- Bad words
  93. What would you write a book about?
    • Thanos
  94. Is a hotdog a sandwich?
    • No, it’s a bun!
  95. What would the world be like if little tiny leprechauns were in charge?
    • That’s funny, mommy! A leprechaun town!
  96. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    • To get to the other side
  97. If you could eat as much dessert as you wanted every day, but also had to go to the dentist every day, would you do it?
    • Yes, but I don’t eat dessert anymore (yes, he does)
  98. Would you rather eat McDonald’s, Taco Bell or Culvers?
    • Culvers
  99. If you could live in any movie, but you had to go as the bad guy, which movie would you want to live in?
    • Batman (I like Bane)
  100. Who would win in a dance battle: Hulk, Iron, Captain America or Thor?
    • Thor

I highly suggest asking your kids questions each night, even if just a few. I did not ask Clayton all of these questions in one night. We did this activity over the course of six nights. He loved it! Every night he would ask me “do you have any funny questions to ask me tonight, Mommy?” I hope one day, when Clay is older, he will look back at the answers to these questions and remember how special his childhood was. I know I sure will!

Do you have any questions you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Dear Clayton I would love if it rained tacos and honestly I’d draw an oval too simply because it is easy too draw. The mind of a child is something truly amazing to witness. So happy you took the time to ask him these questions and loved reading the answers he is one cool kiddo with the best mommy

  2. I have a great puppy for you! My son and his wife are here from Tennessee this weekend selling their adorable puppies. The mother is a puggle (pug/beagle) not sure about the father, they think some sort of terrier. This is the only one left. It’s male and mostly black. Let me know today if you’re interested.

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