20 Favorites of 2020.

We all know how weird 2020 has been. Most of us have stayed home for the last 9 months living in lounge wear and making banana bread. I did both of those things too! I perfected the Banana Chocolate Chip Bread recipe I have been using, and I’m irrationally proud of it! But, in the purest Adrienne fashion, I spent most of 2020 shopping. Here is a list of 20 of my favorite purchases from 2020.

  1. Treasure & Bond Kallie Mule
Image from Nordstrom.

First, Mules are my favorite shoe ALL YEAR ROUND. Call me crazy for wearing these in Central Illinois winters but they are so easy and dress up any outfit! The faux snake skin print is the newest addition to the neutral color palette and I am HERE FOR IT! These are so easy to style and were one of the best additions to my closet in 2020. You can get them here!

2. Spanx Faux Leather leggings

Image from Nordstrom

These leggings have been a staple for so many different bloggers and influencers this Fall season, and for good reason! They live up to the hype and the price! These are a shape wear legging, so they are going to suck you in in all the right places, and they are SO comfortable. Faux Leather leggings help dress up a leggings look, which in 2020 that’s everything we need, right?! You can check them out here!

3. Good American High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans

Image from Nordstrom.

These are my HOLY GRAIL jeans. I hated myself for purchasing jeans that cost this much, but had read a lot about Good American jeans and HAD to try them. I fell in love & have been wearing these weekly (or daily, but who’s counting?) since I bought them. If you’re in the market for a splurge pair of jeans, check out Good American. You can get this pair here!

4. Madewell Thompson Pocket Pullover Sweater

Image from Nordstrom Rack

The perfect oversized sweater to tuck into your favorite jeans! I seriously can’t say anything other than I LOVE this sweater! You can purchase here!

5. Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara

Image from amazon.com

I have the worst lashes on the planet. They have no curl whatsoever and they don’t hold a curl for anything, BUT this mascara helps A LOT. I curl my lashes and put these on and it helps them stay up more! It really is like a lash lift! You can but it here!

6. Sue Rock Originals Jersey Face Mask

Photo from Sue Rock Originals

It’s really 2020 when you’re talking about a favorite face mask, am I right ladies?! But I cannot say enough good things about the owner Sue, her online shop and these face masks. These are so well fitted to my face that it doesn’t need the adjustable ear pieces, they come in different sizes (small, medium and large), and the jersey material is so comfortable on my face! Did I mention THEY’RE SCENTED?! Sue has these masks scented with the most amazing essential oil mixture. The best part? She has a buy one give one program. Check out her site for more information and for more INCREDIBLE products here!

7. Metallic Cap Shoulder Crew Neck Sweater 

Photo from Express

The perfect sweater has arrived in 2020. It’s oversized, it’s neutral and it has a hint of sparkle! Check it out here!

8. Abigail Sparkle Gown

Photo from Baltic Born

It’s weird to feature a formal on here, isn’t it? Short explanation: we take formal family photos yearly, sometimes more than once a year. I fell in love with this dress SO quickly. It fits perfectly. It’s classy, sleek, sexy, and the most beautiful thing I’ve worn in 2020. You may not be in need of a formal dress for anything, but this dress is honestly worth purchasing just to wear in your living room. See more details here!

9. Sicily Dress

Photo from Ivy City Co.

Did I mention we take formals yearly? Sometimes more than once? This year it was twice. This dress is gorgeous, timeless & classy! PERFECT for a bridal shower! See more information here!

10. Ikea Antilop High Chair

Photo from amazon.com

I have tried two other high chairs prior to this. The first was a Graco, and it was hard to clean and my son had the flu and threw up on it so I threw it out. The second was easier to clean, and we are still using it for my son but it also has a lot of nooks and crannies to clean that are impossible to reach. That’s when I discovered the Ikea high chair from another blogger and immediately bought it for Kennedy. It’s simply, not a lot of pieces to take off and clean, and it is $20!!! Grab yours here!

11. Yeah Baby Goods High Chair Accessories

Photo from What Little Wonder

I may or may not have found the accessories from Yeah Baby Goods on a bloggers page before I bought the high chair! This company is called Yeah Baby Goods and they sell all kinds of things to deck out the high chair! Their owner Katie has an IG TV series called Topic Tuesday where she has videos explaining the importance of the foot rest, and the cushion! These accessories are ADORABLE and help make clean up a BREEZE! Take a look around here!

12. Seint Beauty

Photo from sgems.com

I have SO MUCH to say about Seint Beauty! It is a cream based make up that you apply in ONE LAYER. It’s honestly the best and easiest make up I’ve ever used! Check it out here, you won’t regret it, I PROMISE.

13. Tori Belle 9-5 Magnetic Eyelashes

Photo from amazon.com

I have always been TERRIBLE at false lashes, okay. I don’t understand lash glue, and trying to put them on is just hard. But not these. These lashes have little magnets on them that attach to the magnetic eyeliner! It’s so easy and Tori Belle has TONS of different styles! The best part is that they’re reusable up to 40 times! See for yourself here!

14. Hats

Photo from Red Dress

So, hats in general have been my jam in 2020, this specific one just happens to be my favorite of the ones that I’ve owned. This is a splurge piece but man am I obsessed with it! I can bring them along to shoots for clients to throw on to add a final touch to their outfits, and I can wear them myself. It’s a win-win! Check out the link for this specific hat here!

15. Oversized glasses

I love a good pair of oversize glasses and I had been looking for the perfect pair for the last year and a half. Then I stumbled on these from a Facebook ad. These are the Piano glasses from Eye Buy Direct. My favorite thing about Eye Buy Direct is that most of their glasses can add the blue light protection! It’s so easy to order from them, all you need is your prescription! Get these glasses here!

16. Deluxe Air Fryer

Photo from Pampered Chef

Guys, this is another splurge item, but full transparency, I hosted a Pampered Chef party and got this with my rewards, which made is 60% off. TOTALLY WORTH IT, because my husband and I use this multiple times a week. It’s so easy to use, it comes with a recipe book, and it has a timer (my favorite part) so you don’t have to watch it or check on it! See for yourself how awesome this is here!

17. Deluxe Cooking Blender

Photo from Pampered Chef

Another splurge that I got when I hosted a Pampered Chef Party but this blender is honestly the coolest appliance I own! I bought this because I wanted to make my daughters baby food homemade. I saw one video of this blender and was sold simply because IT CLEANS ITSELF. For more information check it out here!

18. Baby Knit Sweaters

Photo from Jamie Kay

Everyone who knows me knows I have wanted a daughter SO BADLY. June 2020 I finally had one and I went NUTS with shopping. Especially with baby sweaters! Most of Kennedy’s sweaters are by the brand Jamie Kay, a New Zealand company. Unfortunately most of their sweaters are out of stock because it is the beginning of Summer there, but you can find Jamie Kay in a lot of small boutiques online in the States that may still have them in stock!

19. Athletic Fit Jeans

Photo from American Eagle

I bought these for my husband off a recommendation from my sister in law who had purchased a pair for her husband. Steven LOVES THESE. He has jeans from Express that he likes a lot too, but this pair is his most warn pair of jeans ever. They’re stretchy, they have room in the thighs and are more tapered towards the bottom. They look incredible on my husband, so you’re man definitely needs a pair! Grab them here!

20. Native Shoes

Photo from Native Shoes

These were also a recommendation from my sister in law. She had purchased these for her girls and they loved them so much she got a pair for herself and loves them. I had to try them and I am so glad I did. They are the perfect summer shoe! They are water shoes but you can literally wear them anywhere. They’re breathable, and still cute! Nate wore them all summer and genuinely never wanted to take them off. He’s 3, and doesn’t have a lot of opinions on things but he LOVED these! Check them out here!

Do you have some of the same favorites that I do? What are your 2020 favorites?! Tell me in the comments or DM me on instagram! Let’s share awesome stuff that we loved in 2020!

xoxo, Adrienne

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