Twin Tales

You asked all of the twin questions and we answered!

Are you identical twins?

Believe it or not, we do get this question quite often. The answer is yes, we are identical. Some people think we look exactly alike, others think we look nothing alike. You decide.

Which is the older twin and how do you feel about it?

We are the result of a c-section. Allyson is the older twin by one minute. We’re not sure that even counts.

Allyson: I have rubbed it in Audriana’s face a time or two.

What are the real differences between your appearances?

Audriana: I have a birth mark on my face. It was pretty noticeable when we were kids.  A lot of people either thought my face was dirty, or that I had a birth mark that was the shape of Illinois on my face. When I was old enough, I started tanning to try to cover it up. I also have WAY more freckles than Allyson does (from the sun). Allyson’s hair is typically much longer than mine (though, I am working on growing mine out).

Allyson: At the center where we work, a lot of the kids used to be able to tell us apart by our glasses. I also have a birth mark on the back of my leg and one by one of my shoulder blades.

Can you feel each other’s pain?

Audriana: When Allyson was pregnant with Mason, I would get Charlie horses often at night and that was one of her big pregnancy symptoms. Oddly I never got them myself during my pregnancies.

Allyson: I have never felt any of Audriana’s pain.

Are you always together?

We are not super social people and our kids are basically like siblings, so we do spend a lot of time together. We also work together Monday-Friday, 40 hours a week. So…we suppose the short answer is yes. We spend a lot of time together.

You like a lot of the same things.

Audriana: I like to eat what Allyson makes LOL. I really can’t stand peanut butter, rice, celery & bell peppers & Allyson likes all of those things. Neither of us like British accents. I love summer & the 4th of July!

Allyson: I can’t stand eggs or ham & Audriana likes each of those. We both hate the word moist. I love fall! I also love Christmas!

There is one good twin and one evil twin.

Allyson: I was definitely the “bad” one growing up. I started a lot of fights for no good reason. Audriana has always been a sensitive person and she never purposefully did anything wrong and still doesn’t. Whereas I go to Radar Farms and pick up a bunny that has a sign over it saying “do not pick up the bunny.” But I will say, I think there’s always a kid that rebels more in siblings…I don’t think it’s only with twins.

Can you fake people out?

Allyson: Sometimes. Not really with the way we look, but how we sound on the phone. We are both able to fool our husbands on the phone because our voices are so similar.

Audriana: Graham has called me Allyson numerous times (by mistake), and thinks anyone that has brown hair, glasses and a ponytail is our triplet.

What was the most embarrassing situation you ever found yourself in because of the fact that you are twins?

Audriana: I don’t think this is necessarily embarrassing. But I don’t like correcting people that call me Allyson. I don’t want them to feel bad because they called me the wrong name, so usually I just go along with it. When I was doing clinicals at Scribbles, the owner thought I was Allyson (probably for the first two weeks or so) because I wouldn’t correct him.

Allyson: Agreed. I don’t have any embarrasing stories because of being a twin. I do get embarrassed myself when someone calls me Audriana. It’s really strange.

Do you ever think about how life would be if the other wasn’t there, or if you’d grow apart at some point?

Audriana: I’ve never not had Allyson, and I don’t want to live in a world where I don’t have her. I don’t see us ever growing apart.

Allyson: I really struggle thinking about losing Audriana. I don’t think we could ever grow apart. In fact, my dream is for us to be next door neighbors. Our husbands would hate it LOL

What’s the favorite thing you like about each other?

Audriana: My favorite personality trait Allyson has is that she is outspoken. She can tell people how she feels without fearing that she might upset them. I also love that she has such a passion for baking and home décor. I’m jealous that she has hobbies outside of her family/kids.

Allyson: My favorite trait about Audriana is that she genuinely cares about everyone. She’s the least judgmental person I know. She always thinks before she speaks, which I wish I was better at doing. She’s also the best TT (aunt) in the world. She bonds with every single one of the kiddos (not just mine) in the best way. She’s also the best sister and is always a second away when I need her.

Are you jealous of each other?

Audriana: I have definitely been jealous of Allyson, past and present. I won’t go into many specifics about the present, but for a very long time Allyson had a life that I wanted so badly and thought I would never have.

Allyson: My adult life started so quickly, which was great, but seeing Audriana graduate and not graduating with her was really hard for me. (To clarify, I did graduate from ISU almost 5 years ago, just not with Audriana.) I am also jealous of how skinny Audriana is every single day of my life.

Would you switch spots?

Audriana: No, our kids (and most kids) are really good at telling us apart. We wouldn’t get away with it.

Allyson: Oh yeah! Those kids would call us out immediately! We have sat in each other’s desks at work and fooled some people. Typically, that’s not on purpose though.

“Hey! It’s the twins!”

Audriana: I have grown to love hearing this because I really do love being a twin.

Allyson: It doesn’t bother me. I really love being a twin as well. I’ve always had a built-in best friend, which is great, but also kind of stunk for us because neither of us have ever been extroverts so we never really tried to go out and make other friends.

What is one of the most frustrating things about being a twin?

Allyson: That people think of us as a single identity.  I definitely feel more whole/more like myself when I am with Audriana, but we are seperate people.

Audriana: Please understand that twins are not one identity. We are separate, individualized people. I am very, very different than Allyson. I do not always agree with her opinions or decisions.

You didn’t ask, but you might want to know.

Instead of asking for our dads blessing for marriage, Allyson’s husband asked Audriana & Audriana’s husband asked Allyson. We also married men who are very similar.

Allyson went into a pretty sad place when Audriana went on her honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. It was the farthest and the longest period of time we had been away from each other.

Audriana graduated from ISU with a degree in Human Development. Allyson graduated from ISU with a degree in Recreation Management. We both are Directors at a child care center.

We both hate being the center of attention! It’s honestly a great thing we celebrate a birthday together because the spotlight is never just on one us & that’s the way we like it.

We are both called TT (aunts) to our nieces & nephews…which they do surprisingly well with.

Our very long time best friend, Jessi, had identical twin girls last February! What could be more crazy than that!

Have more questions about our experience being twins? Leave them in the comments!

xoxo, Allyson & Audriana

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