Christmas Facts You’re All Dying to Know

Do you love Christmas? Have you ever wondered how long it would take Santa to deliver all of the presents in one night? Or why he wears red & white? Are you curious about Christmas in other countries? Or what the most popular gift is? Do you wonder why most men do their Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve (ugh, so annoying, I know)? If so, this post is definitely for you! Let’s dive right in, friends!

  • The most popular Christmas movie since 1980 is Jim Carrey’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” It came out November, 2000 and made over $260,000,000!
    • My daughter is TERRIFIED of the Grinch (specifically this Grinch) & it’s my sister, Kaitlyn’s, favorite. Do you love it? What is your favorite Christmas movie?
  • Americans purchase 1.6 billion Christmas cards each year.
    • Do you send out Christmas cards? I have read that a lot families are skipping Christmas cards this year and are instead donating to charities or businesses in need.
  • Visa cards are used about 6,000 times every minute during Christmastime!
  • Christmas lights used to be so expensive that they were rented instead of bought in stores!
    • Would you consider renting Christmas lights instead of purchasing them? I think that’s a great idea because I love changing the color and type of lights each year.
  • Christmas used to be illegal! (You read that right!) Oklahoma was the last US state to declare Christmas a legal holiday!
  • It’s tradition in Japan to eat KFC on Christmas. It even has to be ordered 2 months in advance!
    • This is mind boggling to me! KFC in Japan must be delicious!
  • Black Friday is not the busiest shopping day of the year. The 2 days before Christmas are!
    • Are you a last-minute Christmas shopper? Allyson & Adrienne have been done Christmas shopping since the end of October!
  • 1 in 3 men wait until Christmas Eve to do their Christmas shopping. Some men say it is because of when their pay day falls. Others say they don’t know what to buy, or they are waiting for a sale.
    • Do the men in your life shop last minute? Do they even shop? My husband doesn’t have to worry about any Christmas shopping unless he is helping me with gift ideas for the kids.
  • Buying all of the gifts from the 12 days of Christmas would cost you a ton of money. The “Swans a Swimming” would cost you over $6,000!
    • Personally, I think the 12 drummers drumming would be pretty entertaining. I could do without the “Geese a Laying” we have enough geese in Illinois! 😉
  • Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day last year, the US postal service delivered approximately 910 million packages & almost 15 billion pieces of mail.
  • In 1980 the most popular toy was a Rubik’s cube. They sold for just $1.99
    • Have you ever figured out how to solve a Rubik’s cube on your own? Not me!
  • Almost 28 sets of LEGOs are sold every second during the Christmas season!
    • I know a little boy that might be getting LEGOS for Christmas. Are your little ones into LEGOs as much as mine are?
  • Paul McCartney’s song “Wonderful Christmastime” is widely known as one of the worst songs he ever recorded, yet he earns $400,000 a year off of it!
    • This song remind me of my childhood (and my Kmart job). I kind of love it!
  • Researchers estimated that Santa would have to visit 5,556 homes every second on Christmas Eve to make sure every child gets a gift.
  • In 1998 the most popular toy was a Furby. The Furby retailed for $35, but once they became so popular the price skyrocketed to $100!
    • Did you have a Furby? I definitely had one! My sisters and I became so annoyed with it and ended up locking it in a kitchen cabinet. What was a gift that you just HAD to have when you were a child? My siblings and I always wanted a puppy & were disappointed every year.
  • Santa Claus originally wore clothes that were green, purple, or blue. However, Coca Cola decided to dress him up in colors that match their brand and that stuck. So, this is why he is always in red clothes now!
    • Can you picture the big guy in green, blue or purple?! I’m picturing a character similar to Barney 😉   

Was any of this surprising to you? Leave a comment below & let us know!

xoxo, Audriana

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  1. The Paul mccartney song also reminds me of working at kmart.
    I’d like to know aside from the Grinch what movie tops the list. I thought Christmas Story would be #1 as it plays 24 hours every christmas

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