Avery & Ellis is our love of sharing real life with you!

So, you might wonder, why? Why did we start a blog? Well the truth is, we didn’t really intend to start a group blog….

Adrienne (sister 3 of 4) is a photographer and she’s been working on rebranding. One night we were chatting about new names for her photography business. She mentioned starting a blog. And the longer we got to talking about it the more all four of us expressed interest in a space where we can genuinely be ourselves and share that with other women.

Many, many texts later, we decided to go down the avenue of starting a group blog. We really wanted to do this because we have never been able to find a blogger that we can relate to. So many of them have big houses, fancy things and their biggest worry is that they ate too much over the weekend and need to detox. We’re not hating on that, but it’s not relatable to us, and we know it’s doesn’t relate to other women out there.

We love having this space where we can share life with you. That’s really what made us want to do this. We’re “normal” women, who all have full time jobs, kids, dogs, or kids and dogs, and we all want to live a life that has meaning outside of that love. Simply put, that’s why we’re doing this. It’s definitely been a journey getting to this point, but we’re so excited to share our tiny corner of the internet with you.